Animal communication essay sample


Well, you are definitely aware of the fact that animals communicate with each other. The only thing is that it is quite difficult to comprehend how they do it.

When you are working on the subject under consideration, the first thing you need to state is whether you are going to research the issue in general or choose some particular species and concentrate on the ways in which they communicate.

Speaking about animal communication in general, it is important to highlight that they use body language a lot to transfer communication signals to each other. A lot of animals communicate by smell. To specify, they release pheromones which work as signals to others.

Apart from that, there is a belief that some animals can understand humans and they can do that telepathically. Dogs are usually the best example in this respect as they are considered to be those animals who are really effective at communicating with their owners without any words. What is more, there is an idea that dogs can memorize and understand up to 150 words which is the reason why they humans’ speech right away.

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