Commuting by bicycle essay sample

Well, there is probably no need to explain why commuting to work by bike is so advantageous. You will avoid traffic as well as enjoy the beautiful views of the city. In addition, commuting to work by bike will definitely make you healthier. Apart from that, it has been proven that riding a bike helps to boost energy. You will get to work energized and ready to get down to your tasks. As a result, your productivity will increase which will obviously make you happier.

Another aspect to mention in this respect is the infrastructure of the city. The more bike lanes are available, the easier the ride will be for you. What is more, you will also start noticing how many people actually commute to work by bike. Soon you will become a part of that community which is also quite advantageous. In addition, you will also learn how to navigate the city in the best way possible as well as how to get to your destination faster. You will see for yourself that bikes are a great alternative to cars.

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