Cell phone etiquette essay sample

It is hard to imagine our world without cell phones these days. There is always someone around you talking on the phone or using their phone. That is the reason why it is important to be familiar with cell phone etiquette so that not to distract other people while you use your phone.

To begin with, try to keep your voice down while talking on the phone. Speak softly and calmly. Do not forget to turn your phone off when it is necessary. For instance, it is rude not to put your phones on silent mode during important meetings as constant ringing will be quite interrupting. Watch your language when you are talking on the phone. Keep in kind that someone might overhear you and take your words out of context. Try not to discuss any personal or confidential topics over the phone, especially when you are in public. One of the most significant tips in this respect is not to use your phone while driving as it may lead to fatal consequences.

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