Are live-in relationships the way to go? essay sample

A mutual agreement to live together without being married can be criticized in numerous cultures and societies. While marriage is a legal procedure that drags certain consequences in case of a breach, live-in is a voluntary decision to take care of one another and create a shared well-being without any obligations but moral ones. There are numerous reasons why people do not want to give marriage a top priority in their lives. Generally, live-in couples are perfectly satisfied with their relations and everyday life; they do not need any social obligations to live a happy life. People feel free enough to enjoy their work and hobbies alongside with the family life. Live-in couples generally make their relations official as soon as they have children.

Live-in relationships have numerous positive sides that are not appreciated by generations that accustomed to strict social rules. Once, principles of propriety required partners to confirm their relationships before church, and later – before their country. Today, relationships are, in the first place, about mutual commitment. Live-in allows to get rid of toxic relations much easier than marriage and it helps people to make a more deliberate choice of the partner. Marriage seems to require that two people meet each other, fall in love, and make their relations official before they start experiencing all subtleties of a shared living, but it is not what sound relations look like.

It is quite easy to understand those who condemn live-in before marriage – people just put other values in the notion of marriage, even if they are no more popular. In the present day world, people have difficulties finding their perfect match without sharing some daily routine first.

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