Is social networking a sophisticated way of stalking people? essay sample

Social networking is a complex phenomenon that performs more functions besides its primary aim – connecting people. Today personal accounts are widely used for business and sometimes misused for wrong purposes. Social network accounts provide a certain amount of information about their owners, which can put people at risk. Besides, it is difficult to guarantee the safety of information stored online due to progressing cyber crimes.

Stalking people with the help of social networks may seem ridiculous, but it works quite well for criminals who target their victims. Many websites use the location of their users to expose their whereabouts. As a rule, location button is optional but it makes victims easier to track. Besides, apps usually require data about user’s location, and many people just ignore the fact that too many individuals may use their confidential information.

Not only criminals but also overprotective parents and jealous spouses cannot resist tracking their family on the social media. Parents usually create an account to see what their children have recently posted or what they are doing right now. Husbands suspect infidelity if their wives are online when they are supposed to be busy.

In the digital age, social networks are perhaps the easiest way of stalking people. In many countries,  thieves track their victims to find a right moment and break in their house. Many people accustomed to posting photos taken on the vacations so that thieves know for sure that homeowners are away. This practice may seem ridiculous too, but the number of robberies performed in the absence of owners has visibly increased.

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