Parking space should be shown before being able to purchase a car essay sample

An increased amount of traffic in the streets all over the world presents a problem not only to the environment but also to urban infrastructure. City streets and highways are overloaded by cars, and any minor accident may cause a traffic jam. Besides, as almost every second citizen of developed countries has a car, parking places appeared to be a problem. More parking places emerge all over big cities rapidly to fulfill the demand of people who work or live in the area. Nevertheless, people who do not have a personal parking space such as a garage or leased facility usually park their cars in the streets where the vehicle intrudes the public transportation system and slows down the traffic.

To address the problem of limited parking space, countries such as Japan and Philippines have already implemented legislation that demands buyers to show an evidence of possessing a parking space before purchasing a vehicle. Japan has enacted this law yet in 1990s, and some metropolitan areas in Philippines have issued parking bills in 2014. Many industrialized countries see a common sense in such laws. Chinese Beijing and Shanghai expect a rapid growth in car ownership till 2020, but metropolitan infrastructure is not ready for the expansion yet.

Any measures limiting the number of cars in big cities are followed by heated discussions. As car ownership is rather a necessity than privilege for many citizens, inability to purchase a car is strongly criticized by the majority of people. Prosperous individuals will be able to afford a permanent parking space anyway, but not all middle-income owners can find a garage in their area.