Traumatic brain injury essay sample

Traumatic brain injury happens due to hard objects hitting the head or body. Regarding its intensity, traumatic brain injury can be mild, moderate or severe. It occurs in a wide range of traumatic events that range from falling out of bed to a car crash. Falls may seem to be a routine injury, but even they may cause concussion and fractures. In a number of cases, a hard object can penetrate the skull and drag complications.  After various traumatic incidents, affected individuals are usually expected to have some form of TBI. Screening and thorough examination can reveal the intensity of the injury, and treatment is prescribed according to the severity of brain damage.

Traumatic brain injury comes as a consequence of damaging events, and affected individuals will be obviously examined by physicians. Despite several types of screening are involved to fully examine the brain, major symptoms of a traumatic injury are quite visible even if it is light. The injured person is experiencing dizziness and loss of balance. People may not lose their consciousness, but disorientation usually follows TBI. Injured brain is very sensitive to bright light or loud noise, and affected individuals frequently complain about blurred vision and noise in the ears. A headache is very common, and nausea happens occasionally. After a while, people can experience mental impairments such as memory loss or inability to concentrate. Individuals with severe TBI have obvious symptoms of injury such as convulsions, durable loss of consciousness, or coma.

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