Pedestrian safety tips essay sample


Safety on the road is a hot topic for all traffic participants. In case of a car accident, all parties can be badly injured, however, pedestrians and cyclists are the most vulnerable ones on the road. Taking into account current hasty traffic, pedestrians are always endangered before the vehicles that drive too fast and do not always stop at marked crosswalks. Nevertheless, in a number of accidents, pedestrians are at fault because they either violate traffic rules or walk distracted from the outer world.

Since the childhood, all of us were taught to be alert in the street. Though we may find this tip ancient, being attentive is the foremost condition to stay safe in the traffic. It is a bad idea to stare at one’s cell phone or text while walking. It is also unwise to wear headphones in the street; distracted pedestrians can be easily hit by a car on crosswalks and parking lots. Practically, it is not enough for anyone just to obey traffic rules. Before crossing the street on a green light, pedestrians shall make sure that no one is driving in front of them. It is better not to expect that vehicles will stop as people cross the street; cautious pedestrians always make eye contact with a driver to see whether they are about to stop.

Walking at night, pedestrians are even more endangered to vehicles. While city streets are properly lit, rural areas may not be so advantageous. In such settings, pedestrians need to make themselves visible to the driver. It would be wise to walk with a flashlight or wear some reflective materials at night.