Are only men to blame for the objectification of women’s bodies? essay sample



Being treated as an object of sexual harassment or a thing to be used, females suffer from objectification irrespective of their attire or age. Women tend to accuse men of such a blatant mistreatment, and conservative minds usually blame women for provoking inappropriate thoughts and behavior of the opposite sex. And all together, they blame mass media for exposing female bodies as if they were to be advertised and sold just like articles at the shelves in supermarkets.

In order to find out who is guilty of objectification, we have to make the term clear. Imagining other people as a tool for physiological satisfaction and expressing it through catcalling, some individuals devalue others to the level of beautiful puppets. Despite a popular belief, men undergo objectification as well though much less than women. Young women and girls are the prior targets to moral and physical offenders, however, elderly ladies were reported of being victims of maniacs too. Consequently, there must be a thing which unites all these people. Is it a provocative appearance, perhaps?

Apparently, wearing seductive clothes is not a compulsory condition to be objectified. First, women   are frequently catcalled even when they have totally decent clothes on, and second, everyone defines “sexuality” in their own way. Accusing women of provoking disgusting thoughts in men with their clothing, society practically makes females responsible for the level of moral development of the others.

Obviously, people who objectify others are to blame for their own behavior. Men and women, they openly express their lust to degrade other individuals. And if we treat such behavior as inadmissible,  those harassers shall stay accountable for their thoughts and actions.

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