Are working women better mothers? essay sample



Better or worse, working mothers are an exceptionally motivated and energetic social group. Multitasking is not equally easy for everybody to achieve, but working mothers take it as a way of life. Observing a woman who catches up with business, daily choirs, education of her kid, and looks well-attended at the same time, we feel proud of her. Nevertheless, society has certain reasons to treat working moms ambiguously.

Psychologists concluded that working mothers provide more benefits than harm to their children. These kids adjust to the constantly changing social environment quicker and get used to the busy rhythm of life from the early childhood. Unlike stay-at-home moms, working women teach their children to be independent. Having been left with grandparents or nannies, children learn that they cannot be attached to their mothers the whole day. Spending time with other people, kids acquire basic social skills which will appear very useful as soon as they reach school age.

Many working women possess extraordinary organization skills. They are able to combine business and family care without making any sufficient damage. However, not all working mothers gauge their strength adequately to become super-successful business women and caretakers. Some of them cannot catch up with all necessary activities and put a bigger stress upon their job. This is the type of behavior for which working mothers are usually judged by conservative individuals who follow more traditional approaches to parenting. It is always very tough for a child to see their mother once a day late in the night and on the weekends. That is why being a working mother is always a two-edged sword which cannot be held by every woman.

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