Availability of HIV drug kits in drug stores essay sample

Currently it is impossible to cure HIV/AIDS, however, patients can support their organism and live a long life taking antiretroviral drugs. According to the World Health Organization, several million people in the world depend on ARV drugs. The situation is especially acute in the developing world where, on the one hand, people transmit the disease faster and, on the other hand, the access to treatment is unstable.

Antiretroviral drugs came to the US market in 1996. From this point on, they started to cut down mortality rates and prevent further transmission. Nevertheless, not all countries appeared as fortunate as the US. Due to the high cost of ARV drugs which reached $10.000 per year, developed countries have got a mass access to the therapy only 10 years later. Pharmaceutical companies needed to establish high prices to cover their expenses on development and testing of these complex drugs. In America, antiretroviral medicine was much more accessible due to the medical insurance.

Antiretroviral therapy has made a great progress in the prevention of the spread of HIV. The number of deaths sufficiently declined which was especially visible in the US as it was one of the first countries where the life-saving medicine appeared. Today, ARV drugs are much more accessible to the whole world. As their cost remains to be comparatively high, not all drugstores may have this medicine anytime. Nevertheless, it is quite possible for patients to order ARVs beforehand and then buy the medicine at the drugstore.

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