The use of the medical history and genetic information of their clients by health insurance companies essay sample

An access to the personal data shall never be open to those who do not actually need it, especially when it concerns genetic information. Misuse of these data may cause very unfavorable consequences and may be seen as a violation of one’s privacy. What can be more private than our genetic code?

People usually try to protect themselves from the leaks of genetic information refusing to participate in any type of DNA research which can provide information about their genomes to other people. Personal genetic information of people is legally protected by documents such as Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act, but in the digital age, no one can be about the safety of their data.  Insurance companies frequently claim their right have an access to the genetic information and a complete medical history of their clients to be cost effective. Disclosure of this information, however, may result in prejudice and improper treatment from the companies. Among others, people who need medical insurance even more than others fear to be deprived of it completely or pay incredibly high premiums. On the other hand, insurers need information about their clients as it immediately results on their incomes

Genetic information can reveal many unpleasant facts about individuals and members of their family. Perhaps, some people do not want even their close ones to know this information, not even to mention other people. And insurance companies have to provide their services irrespective of previous or potential future illnesses of their clients. Doctors are the only people who are allowed to know such confidential information about their patients.

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