Becoming a parent should be an earned privilege essay sample

A physical ability to give birth is frequently associated with the art of being a good parent. But in fact, not all those people who have a baby are ready to take care of kids properly. Reports of child abuse and assault underline that there are many poor kids with a devastating childhood who suffer from inadmissible treatment and receive an improper education. Their parents either act on impulse or refer to an extremely authoritarian parenting style. Many of them think that children are practically their possessions; that is why adults consider themselves eligible for doing whatever they want because they have a power over their children.

Parenthood education is a weak place in most curricula. Educators do not believe that teens who are not yet supposed to become parents shall concentrate their attention on a topic for adults. Actually, many schools do not even make sure that their students know how to use contraception properly, not even to talk about all hidden threats of an unwanted parenting. It seems that people should be eligible to become parents exceptionally after passing a parenting course that confirms their skills and stable financial status. Apparently, not all parents think whether they are able to provide the child with everything necessary. The only fact of having a baby is already an achievement to someone, but there is nothing to be proud of until people rise a decent child.

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