What is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ changes from generation to generation essay sample


Moral values do not stay the same for a long time. Social conditions and culture change which means that today people do not perceive the world as they did 50 years ago. Rather few senile people would tolerate an unmarried couple living together as well as LGBT people exposing their relations. Several decades ago, it was moral for a woman to take care of her family, not to rush in business, but now we live in a completely different world.

Each generation is an entirely different world – at least today teenagers can see that in their parents and grandparents. Actually, some of the older people are flexible in their opinions and assimilate to the current reality quickly. It is possible to hear teenagers describing their older family members as modern and progressive people. But in a majority of families, a generation gap still prevails. This term describes how changing moral values create a misunderstanding between people who are supposed to find a common language easily.

A change in values is clearly seen in various aspects of life. Romantic relationships are perhaps the most vivid one. Older generations consider a live-in as an insult to a young woman’s dignity; the consent of the country and church mean a lot to those who got used to strict ethics and social norms. Current liberal views look immoral to the elderly because in their time “propriety was a true virtue”.

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