Having chores/a pet/ an after-school job teaches responsibility essay sample


Many parents find it difficult to raise their children as responsible people. Kids usually realize that they have moral rights and can demand something from their parents, but they frequently ignore daily chores. Having done something forbidden, kids do not always realize that if any damage is done they will be responsible for it. Responsibility is crucial for an efficient social interaction at all levels, and parents do a right job involving children in activities that boost their responsibility.

Doing some daily chores is very useful for children of a pre-school age. Putting their toys back in order or assisting their parents to perform their duties around the house, kids learn that some tasks must be done even if they are unwilling to do them. Overprotective parents who do not teach children to do small chores risk nurturing negligence and excessive dependence in kids.

Having a pet is a perfect way to develop responsibility in children of a school age. For a 10-years-old child, a pet is not only an alive toy but a living being that requires food, cleaning, walk, and proper living conditions. Any negligence will be immediately reflected on the health of the animal so that children realize all the importance of this task. As a matter of fact, children are very enthusiastic about having a fluffy friend and promise parents to do everything necessary for the animal.

Extracurricular activities and after school job are fine for high school students. The additional load shall be properly monitored and limited by parents because teenagers frequently oversee their academic duties for the sake of favorite hobby or extra money. But in general, the idea is totally positive. Nevertheless, parents shall not enroll kids in too many activities if students are not ready for the additional pressure.