Food engineering is the way of the future essay sample



The issue of food engineering created a loud debate among the proponents of GM crops and the defendants of the sustainable agriculture. Though sustainable practices were more widespread several decades ago, the tradition of improving a genetic image of plants continued for centuries. People gradually modified their seeds to achieve larger yields and higher resistance to droughts. These advantages are especially appreciated today when consumers’ demands are high and genetic engineering is in prime.

The debate around food engineering is really heated, but there is still little evidence of the actual damage done by modified genes. Food engineers themselves argue that more than 80 percent of scientists do not share exaggerated threats of the GM food. In defense of their products, engineers bring some interesting facts about recently modified crops. A scientist from California has engineered a specific type of rice that is resistant not only to diseases but also to floods which are the prior threats to crops raised in Africa and Asia. Due to this achievement, developing countries with their growing populations have higher chances for a sufficient food that will not be destroyed by external impacts.

Among all agricultural practices existing at the moment, future definitely belongs to food engineering. Our soils are already exhausted by monocultures and the climate is not likely to become milder in the next decades. In such conditions, people need productive and resistible plants that will ensure enough food for a fair price. Sustainable practices will remain selective as they are costly and require a large input of workforce.

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