Behavioral health essay sample


Maintaining a strong behavioral health is critical to one’s well-being. Behavioral health is close to mental health, but while the latter covers a broad range of psychological issues, behavioral problems have a neurological or biological reason. While one’s behavior has a strong connection to character and personality, many people cannot control their behavior. It happens for those who suffer from substance abuse or eating disorders, which are common examples of behavioral disorders.

Anorexia and bulimia nervosa are typical behavioral issues. Abnormal eating is destructive to the body, and the problem is patients cannot control it. Their mental health is partly the cause for it but the disturbed biological reaction is precisely why people cannot stop it. Exercise addiction and sex addiction are often described as destructive behavioral problems. The first usually leads to exhaustion and impaired health, while the latter can bring people STDs, family problems, and unplanned pregnancies.

Gambling, shopping, and video games are very likely to cause addiction in people. We cannot classify gambling or shopaholism as biological disorders. At the same time, we do not take this kind of behavior as a norm. Compulsive behaviors cause a lot of trouble to our social and financial well-being at the very least. Even work addiction is considered to be a destructive habit. It poses just the same threat to our personal life and health as gaming or internet addiction.

Behavioral problems are not as severe as mental illnesses, but their treatment is still very complex. There are options for treatment in residential settings or in an outpatient mode when the person stays at home. Peer support programs can offer patient a mentor who already recovered from a similar condition and can be helpful. By all means, recovery demands an intervention of a counselor or mentor.