Benefits of living in a big city essay sample

Living in a big city has hundreds of benefits. To begin with, you can easily get anything you want at any time. For instance, you have a serious craving for pizza. You can easily order it and have it delivered even when it is 3 am.

Surely, the job market has more to offer when you live in a big city which is why it is so much easier to find a job. There is most definitely a hospital nearby which presupposes that you will know where to go in case you experience health problems.

Apart from that, a big city offers great educational prospects as well. You can choose from lots of colleges, to say nothing of the fact that the number of various courses or classes you can take is huge. There is no doubt that public transportation works better in the big city which is why it is faster for you to get from point A to point B. What is more, the majority of big cities also has public transport that works at night.