Benefits of living in a small town essay sample


To begin with, living in a small town is is less stressful. You do not have to rush everything simply to be on time. Getting to work takes less time as well as getting home. Everything you need is around the corner.

Yet, the most important benefit of living in a small town is that you will not have to put up with all that noise. You are surely aware of the fact that big cities usually never sleep which means that there is always something going on. As a result, it might be quite hard to get proper rest in case noise bothers you a lot. Well, you are most definitely familiar with such issue as noise pollution which is a huge problem in any big city. Luckily, you will not even have to worry about that when you live in a small town. There is even a belief that it is better to raise kids in a small town as they will not be as exposed to dangerous situations as they usually are when parents decide to continue living in a big city.

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