Businesses Should Hire More Young People essay sample


Gone are the times when children of the working class had to search for a job to help their parents earn a living. Today the government monitors and precludes violation of underage workers’ rights, and it is quite common for a student to have a part-time job after classes. Young people seek some financial independence from their parents and are eager to get more experience to find a better job in future. Some students are legally employed by companies, and the others work unofficially for which they also get paid.

The number of students employed by businesses, nevertheless, continues to fall. Companies seriously consider whether they are ready to pay as much as a minimal wage to unskilled and inexperienced labor force, and teenagers fail to find a job in a business unless it is their family business. Consequently, young people search for jobs which are paid unofficially which can be quite risky.

Reduced work experience among school and college students is not merely about economic difficulties. It indicates towards improvident employers who cannot see how they may contribute to their business by hiring students. Teenagers can fill the least-paid places which are not attractive to older applicants. They will not demand to raise their salary or look for benefits which other workers expect. Students are also more likely to have a creative approach in certain fields. To promote teenage employment, some states provide tax credits for hiring young workers. That is how progressive businesses may find students really useful at work.