Why Teenaged Workers Should Not Automatically be Given Minimum Wage essay sample

Daily income is a critical issue, especially to those who live on a minimum wage. Apparently, not so many Americans earn a minimum wage, but this is the case for most low-skilled workers and teenagers. It is not only a college degree which determines wage rate per hour but also experience gained at previous workplaces. Certainly, teenagers cannot impress employers with the vast experience. Nevertheless, most of them desperately need employment to improve the family income, pay for their education or just allow themselves to buy a classy gadget.

The teenage workforce is certainly cheap, however, employers cannot impose any wage they want if it is  lower than the minimum. Economic studies conclude that an increase in the minimum wage is proven to cut down employment especially among teenagers. Employers may doubt that an unskilled worker is worse even a minimum wage so that companies just eliminate their vacancies. The current minimum wage is generally considered as very small, but the potential increase will negatively affect teenagers who know that it is difficult to get legally employed even now.

According to statistical data, people who experienced unemployment at an early age have a tendency to remain unemployed in future or earn little money. Perhaps, teenagers make a right decision when choose to work after classes even if their wages are not high enough. A minimal wage is certainly a disastrous thing for adults who have to pay for accommodation but it is not so bad for young people who are usually taken care of by their parents. The idea that employers will consider raising salaries for students is out of question. It is more important that minimal legal wage  allowed companies to employ youngsters.