Businesses Should Offer Transportation To and From Work essay sample

As a matter of fact, numerous companies across the US have already implemented the system of corporate transportation. They use shuttles which pick up employees from public transit hubs and take them to the workplace. Similarly, in the evening shuttles transport staff back to these locations. More and more employers consider benefits of group transportation and go ahead to make the life of their staff easier.

Shuttle services are lucrative to businesses as they can sufficiently spare corporate budgets. The money spent on everyday morning and evening shuttles is considerably less than the money invested into the construction of the parking garages or underground areas. Besides, corporate commuting services prevent workforce turnover which is usually very costly. Today, people consider inconvenient location as a solid reason to search for another job because driving from remote and suburban areas they spent hours every day merely on transportation. Moreover, companies may also get tax credits for their commuting programs which are an appealing prospect for every business.

Offering transportation services, employers express their care for the staff. It is essential for companies which cherish their reputation as employees-friendly businesses. Easy and comfortable shuttles spare employers’ time which can be spent on other activities and provide an enjoyable ride with colleagues. Besides, employees reduce their transportation costs and inconveniences of prime time buses stuffed to the gills.

Another important condition of running a business is environmental safety. As most progressive companies are going green, they reduce the amount of emissions using group transportation. Fewer vehicles on the road contribute to the company, its staff, and the whole community in general.

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