Campus / School Security is Too Tough essay sample



Most mothers who can afford schools with all the possible security confide that they fear terrorists who can possibly reach their kids. Overblown fears of mass shootings with every year occur more and more frequently to American parents despite the evidence that school violence is an unusual occurrence in America. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, nearly 20-30 students are being killed every five years in the US schools and currently the trend is downward. But still, parents support top-security measures even if they make people wait for 15 to 30 minutes until they finally can pick up their kids.

The level of security differs from one public school to another, but many of them already are equipped with any protection system possible to install. At the front door, visitors are checked by a fingerprint-recognition system. Inside dozens of monitors make a view of the corridors and classrooms so that parents can be sure their children are safe with their teachers. Classrooms have lockdown systems, playgrounds are surrounded by concrete walls. Besides, schools have nonpolice resource officers who, nevertheless, have the power to arrest students for minor offenses. However, not all schools resemble a prison so much, bizarre security measures are too tough, not even to say expensive to the budget.

Despite a basic need in safety, prison-like security systems obviously do not correspond to the objective level of danger students can face at schools. The intentions of parents are perfectly clear, but their children are constantly distressed spending most of the day in these “facilities”. Perhaps, it would be better for adults and cheaper for states to consider more tolerant protection for their kids to make their everyday life bright and convenient.

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