Creating a Women’s Center at School essay sample

By the present moment, numerous educational establishments have women’s centers on campus. They function as resource centers for students, faculty, staff, and a local community who are interested in promoting women’s issues. As the American society moves towards the broader gender equity, the existence of such centers is a step forward in the evolution of a multicultural society.

As we live in a gender-unbiased society (according to the legislation, at least), women as well as ethnic and cultural minorities surely have an access to education, employment, deserving salary, protection from family violence and other issues which were unassociated with females a century ago. Nevertheless, many people still have to learn why gender equity matters and how they can improve lives of those women who are still suppressed by gender stereotypes. To achieve these goals, women’s centers are open to those who act on the behalf of women’s interests irrespective of their gender, religion, or origin.

Students usually see women’s centers as a space which ensures safety and comfort. Centers provide educational programs and promote volunteering; students can always find here useful extracurricular activities which are useful and enjoyable. Usually, women’s centers are open for group or club activities; they sponsor a variety of weekly events, meetings, consultations of women’s issues. Women’s centers are hubs for many extracurricular events that is why their importance shall not be underestimated. It is certainly an advantage when a college or university has their own women’s center to educate students and provide opportunities to the staff.