Students Should Have the Opportunity to Seek Mediation for Help With Conflict Resolution essay sample

Meditation as a means of resolving conflicts is used in various spheres of social life. It is an effective technique which may help both to couples on the verge of divorce and to nations in hostile relationships. Meditation is taught at schools so that students were able to resolve interpersonal discrepancies in a peaceful way. Teachers report that students who enrolled in training became less prone to bullying, more resistant to stress, and acquired other inevitable life skills. Recently, only some groups of students had a chance to attend meditation training, and today there is a need to expand training for all students of K-12 schools.

When teachers started to appreciate meditation as a way to manage one’s anger, they reveal it was a helpful therapy to combat behavioral disorders in young people. Restless children who were especially keen on disrupting classes became cooperating and more diligent after meditation training. Shy and withdrawn kids, on the contrary, overcome their angst of society and find it easier to get along with their peers and make presentations in front of the audience. Overcoming social phobia is crucial for many high-school students which is another advantage of providing meditation at school.

Conflict resolution training is both beneficial and challenging opportunity. Implementation of the program requires a significant time commitment from the faculties which are constantly under the pressure of their curricula. But the time spent on coordinating teachers, students, and coaches is worth the positive impact at all levels of students interaction.

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