Why Dorms Should (or Shouldn’t) Be Co-Ed essay sample

Coed dormitories make up a majority of students’ housing across the US. Male and female students very seldom complain about people of the opposite sex unless they are disrupting their sleep with heated parties. Same-sex housing is rather a domain of religious educational institutions which pursue yet other goals except for providing students with comfortable and efficient housing.

Teachers and parents frequently argue about whether it is better for male and female students to live separately or all together. They are clearly concerned about binge drinking and a quick change of sex partners their children have while living in coed dormitories. Of course, student’s life is impossible to imagine without all those sometimes risky adventures young people like living separately their parents. But separate dormitories are not likely to contribute to the interaction of people of all sexes. Individuals who live surrounded exceptionally by peers of the same sex feel more awkward and reserved in the presence of the opposite sex, or which is worse, develop a prejudice to the opposite sex.

Clearly, students’ dormitories shall remain coed so that students get used to the fact that in their adult life they will be surrounded by people of both sexes as well as LGBTQ individuals. There is no separation for males and females in business, consequently, work may become a challenge for those people who feel awkward while communicating with the opposite sex. To avoid risky behavior in coed dormitories, young people shall learn how to control themselves and impose certain moral restrictions to what is good for them and what is destructive.

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