Can a diet be really designed to suit your genetics? essay sample

Looking at a wide range of diets, people frequently do not know what to choose. They usually decide to follow this or that diet evaluating its general restrictions. The more effective way to choose a diet is to let a physician evaluate its benefits for patients with specific dietary requirements. Looking at the results of multiple tests they can determine which products can compensate a deficiency. Today, genetic scientists suppose that nutritionists cannot define a perfect diet for anyone unless they have the results of genetic sequencing. They stick to the point that a genetically improper diet is likely to trigger undesirable processes in cells such as aging.

A claim that personal dietary habits shall be inseparable from one’s genetic makeup has been clinically proven yet in the past century, and for more than a decade genetic tests that define one’s dietary needs have been being available. Currently, more than 20 companies offer DNA tests in the US. Scientists analyze information decoded in the smallest structural constituents of our body and define the impact of any specific food on our body.

Genetic sequencing is an expensive test and it is not commonly used to determine individual needs in food. Nevertheless, it can be the most precise way to find out how our body reacts to all kinds of products. Frequently, intolerance to components of natural origin cannot be clearly seen without a specific testing. Many people usually consume products that are nutritious and healthy in general, but it does not mean that their body especially benefits from these products.

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