Comparison between inferiority and superiority complex essay sample



Inferiority and superiority complexes are two the most common deviations from the norm in the self-esteem of individuals. Being either spoiled or neglected in the childhood, people develop the feeling that they are different from the remaining society. The behavior of their parents and teachers plays a crucial role in it. If a child is being told that they are not as successful, obedient, or smart as other children, they become highly predisposed to the inferiority complex. Otherwise, kids who are overpraised and put into the center of the universe by their parents feel that all peers are unworthy as compared to them.

Some psychologists put forward a suggestion that both superiority and inferiority are the responses for bad feelings associated with the social environment. It depends on temperament which of the complexes children will develop trying to combat feeling awkwardness among their peers. For timid and modest individuals it is easier to be a little worse than others. Inferiority forces to act obediently and acknowledge that the peers are for some reasons better. Self-confident children, on the other hand, use domination and bullying in expressing their superiority. Individuals who developed this complex like to command and become indignant when other people are unwilling to play according to their rules.

Complexes associated with self-esteem undermine the principles of equality in social life. Children with superiority complex grow into adults who suppose that they will achieve the desirable results by repressing others and making them feel miserable. And those kids with the inferiority complex, in most cases, will tolerate aggressive behavior to themselves and ignore violating of their rights.

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