Women empowerment in a conservative society essay sample



The controversy between women and conservative society is not yet limited only to the Asian countries. To some social circles, patriarchal views remain to be traditional, and feminist movement is an odd modern tendency even when it has more than a century-long history. Take, for instance, the debate on banning abortion which is an utter violation of woman’s rights and freedoms. It is a proof that females still have to resist patriarchal traditions to declare their freedoms.

To empower women and make them confident, we shall revise our approach to education. Parents and teachers bear responsibility for raising tolerant children, and teaching sexism in any form is inadmissible at home and school. It is important that boys and girls get used to gender equality from the early age. On the one hand, boys shall not be allowed to express their superiority over the girls because they belong to “the weaker sex”. On the other hand, girls shall not accept offense from males as a norm and ignore physical or moral violence.

Women empowerment is necessary to break the patriarchal stereotypes and increase the number of female politicians, experts in science, business leaders etc..  Employers has to concentrate on the high qualification of their employees rather than on their sex and social status to run a successful and progressive business. And women, in their turn, shall insist on the realization of their rights and demand that individuals who violate these rights stay accountable for their actions.

Even bigger attention shall be paid to the empowerment of women in Eastern societies where females are expected to dress and act extremely modest to correspond patriarchal social norms. It is extremely important that women do not feel repressed irrespective of their national origin.

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