Comparison between materialistic and a spiritualistic person essay sample



People possessing different values make our society diverse and sometimes intolerant. Each of us appreciates certain traits of character in others but we all have a different point of view in this respect. Sometimes inconsistencies between individuals become critical which prevents individual from finding a mutual understanding. They frequently happen between people nurturing materialistic and spiritualistic views.

Materialistic people care about their comfort, well-being, social status, and reputation in society. They strive to improve their quality of life within these dimensions with the help of purchasing more goods. From the interior garnish to original designer clothes, every item collected by the materialists has to confirm their high and stable financial and social status. However, there is another kind of materialists – people who appreciate beautiful things so much that they cannot resist buying them.

Spiritualistic people, on the other hand, just do not understand why people buy the unnecessary stuff when there are more important goals to achieve in life. Spiritualism is tightly connected with the religious and cultural heritage, thus people concentrate more on social and family values.

Non-materialistic individuals act to satisfy their spiritual needs – enrich their mental potential, support old social connections and building new ones, educate decent children, and strive for a harmony.

The image of the both groups of individuals frequently can be too radical. In fact, not all materialists are desperate shopaholics as well as not all spiritualists disrespect purchasing essential goods. Still, many people in the society have the both types of values moderately combined and feel the importance of the balance between material and intangible goods.

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