Adoption and its consequences for an adopted child essay sample



Adoption is one of those ambiguous issues which have a different impact on each part of this process. It may be the only option for infertile couples and for those who wish to have a lot of children in a family. But children being adopted usually do not share such an optimism about the transition into another family.  Obviously, well-being and mental health of a child strongly depend on the new family, their social and economic status, new environment, and after all, on children themselves. Good treatment provided by adoptive family is vital to make children feel better about the fact of being adopted, but a toxic thought of being abandoned by their birth parents will follow them for the rest of their lives.

Most adopted children have a whole range of sad and ambiguous feelings about their status which can be preserved for a very long time. The most common one is the feeling of being abandoned and not good enough for the birth parents. Especially at the early age, children cannot understand what could possibly force people to leave their kids behind.  In social interaction, adopted children feel flawed as compared to their peers. Moreover, many adults may ask awkward questions when it is visible that children of another nation or race have been adopted.  Even being taken care of properly, many adopted children can face anxiety and fear of being abandoned for the second time.

Unfortunately, the true love of adopted parents cannot fully substitute the family which abandoned their child. But, if treated properly, adopted children will recover from their painful experience in few years.

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