In spite of such an advanced means of communication people are increasingly going for solitude essay sample



The digital age blessed us with the new tools for communication without temporal and geographic barriers. Skype and social networks blurred the distances which prevented frequent communication and created perfect conditions for getting access to anyone anytime. Nevertheless, psychologists claim that recently people became much less social both in the media and in real life. We are more likely to spend time on our own, playing games, or watching movies, or doing whatever requires no company and extra communication.

Such an absurd behavior, perhaps, can be explained by the principle of cherishing inaccessible things: when it required many efforts to contact our distant friends, we valued every possibility of communicating, but now we are no more interested knowing that communication can take place anytime we want it. Probably, we subconsciously appreciate things being a little dramatic  – like communicating with the loved ones in the distance, but we certainly lose our passion when everything appears to be much more plain.

It is still very likely that the digital age provided us with so many means of entertainment that we devalue the true human values too much. However, far not all users of the internet are introverts who shall be forced to make a call and chat a little with their friends. A lot of people still practice traditional evenings out on their weekends, laughing with peers and discussing their experiences.

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