Competitive nature of college admission essay sample


As high school students approach graduation, they are frequently instructed about the competitive nature of college admission. The number of high school graduates rises with every year, and many of them aim to continue their education at the college. It seems that the most popular colleges are likely to accept only those with the highest GPA and prominent achievements in sports or arts. Teachers usually exaggerate the prospect of college to make students work harder and successfully pass their SATs. Indeed, college admission becomes more and more competitive, but the consequences are not so dramatic as some teachers describe.

It is true that the most prestigious schools are overwhelmed with applications, and students with an average GPA are unlikely to go ahead in this competition. But looking at the bright side, colleges are not limited merely to prestigious ones in the US. Surely, diploma of a high-ranking college is an honor and a great advantage in further employment. But a plenty of other establishments give a profound knowledge and prepare graduates who will be employed. In fact, there are enough colleges in the US to satisfy the growing demand for higher education among high school graduates.

Being competitive with their skills and abilities is certainly a great advantage for college applicants. Nevertheless, it is impossible for all of them to come with flying colors and awards in athletic competitions.  A great number of applicants will be turned away because of their incredible volume. Nevertheless, it is not a reason to give up on college education – there are plenty of schools are interested in accepting applicants with quite good GPA and a certain interest in extracurricular activities.