Dependence on internet essay sample


Inability to live a day without the internet is frequently described as an addiction to its countless resources and social networks. Indeed, not only teenagers but also adults feel very uncomfortable without an access to online resources. Someone may find it strange but there is nothing extraordinary in the fact that technological progress makes us dependent on the latest inventions. How can we imagine a life without electricity, household appliances,  or public transport? People are meant to use tools that make their lives more comfortable, and comfort normally drags addiction.

Despite most advancements of technology make a similar impact upon us, the internet and its derivatives have one specific distinction – they affect our social life. Online business and entertainment frequently push socialization out of our routine. In this respect, many people develop an addiction that is not healthy anymore – they try to succeed their routine life with an alternative reality that is much more appealing. A natural consequence of the dependence is ignoring responsibilities and daily chores. Kids and teenagers frequently neglect their study as they cannot see any interest in school subjects anymore. Parents, in their turn, are busy to offer some help or check on the progress of their child.

It is important to realize side effects of online resources before people start spending the major part of their time on social networks. But we shall also confess that the internet is vital to our everyday life. We work and study here, get an access to all important information, sources for the research, or simply keep pace with what is happening at this precise moment around us.

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