Divorce influence from western culture essay sample


An increased number of divorces in the Western societies came along with the emancipation and feminism. Social changes brought freedoms previous generations did not have, and the institute of family transformed. More or less equal opportunities for education and job perspective made people pay more attention to the emotional constituents of their bonds. Western people started to concentrate more on their personal development and aspects that hurdle it. As soon as partners’ views on their further development do not coincide, they simply decide to get a divorce.

The culture of divorce is treated as a norm in the West mainly because it is a guarantee of psychological and physical integrity in case of abuse. We do not tolerate inadmissible behavior of our spouses and do not try to put together what was not meant to be a single unit. Many couples get a divorce before before they have children, the others fight for their little kids in court. This aspect of divorce is not positive at all. But personal freedom and well-being of children are above all, and toxic relationships shall be left behind.

The trend of divorcing became so potent that it spread to Eastern countries. An Indian culture, for example, greatly globalized in the last few decades. Despite very strong traditional concepts of marriage and family, young adults refer to the Western model of relationships, with dating, live-in, and divorce. It can be weird to see a traditional Eastern society to assimilate with the Western people, but all in all, people shall adopt any practice that makes their life easier and more comfortable.