Government-controlled media essay sample

At all times, mass media were controlled, shaped, and influenced by governments. Historical roots of governmental domination are deep and date back to the invention of printing press in the fifteenth century. Gutenberg’s innovation put a system of control and influence at the imbalance. As books and papers became highly accessible, the state monopoly on information terminated and the influence of the church weakened. Naturally, authorities were anxious about the further course of events and they imposed restrictions and limitations on owners of the first newspapers. This model of influence is called an authoritarian one as the highest officials entirely control the content of mass media.

The concept of authoritarian media was adopted by most societies of the world and it underwent few changes since then. In the twentieth century, communists ideologies started to see mass media as an effective tool in creating societies. The leading Communist Party decided what shall be published with the aim to stimulate social productivity and commitment to the common good. News concerned exceptionally the interests and objectives of the party, which was the main condition for the well-being of the whole communist society. As all failures of the system were concealed from the community, sometimes it resulted in disastrous consequences.

In the late twentieth century, developing countries worked out their own approach and objectives for mass media. According to the principles of development, press shall assist the government in combating poverty, illiteracy, and diseases. As usual, the information spread from the top to the bottom of society.

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