Competitive sports can teach us about life essay sample



Many parents insist that their children enroll in school teams or attend sports sections with their peers. Regular physical activity is known to improve the resistance of the body to external factors and prevent any deviations during growth such as a bad posture. But the list of benefits does not end up with these advantages; sports can also teach children some basic notions which adults frequently forget facing difficulties in their life.

Among the beneficial features of competitive youth sports, we can find an opportunity to become a leader. Guiding peers during the warm-ups and creating a strategy for the team, children develop confidence which may be hardly accessible in other activities. They make mistakes and find out that they are unavoidable. Many perfectionists lack this knowledge in their adult life. Which is more important, team sports teach us how to follow. Leading the team is a responsibility but success will come only if all others follow instructions of their leader.

Parents frequently notice that kids get frustrated about their training sessions. Doing mistakes or watching peers doing them, kids become upset or angry. In such cases, coaches teach kids how to overcome negative emotions and move forwards. After a while, children get used to the experience and many of them learn to control their anger. But the most important knowledge provided by team sports is the awareness that you need to work hard to achieve success. Not all people inherit fortunes or extraordinary talents. Millions of ordinary people can become extraordinary if they focus on the target and do their best to perform at the highest level.

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