Critical comparison between sociology and anthropology essay sample



Both studies of sociology and anthropology have a lot in common dealing with human beings, their groups, relations, and culture. However, it is crucial to catch the difference between them. While anthropology is concentrated upon researching human characteristics and relations with the others through the temporal paradigm, sociology is targeted at revealing structure and interaction of the social groups at any particular moment of their development. Anthropology, perhaps, is more general discipline as it covers physiological development alongside with cultural progress. But sociology is based purely upon relations in society.

Taking into account different specifics of anthropology and sociology, we can assume that most high school graduates will find one of them quite interesting. Studying anthropology, they will find out numerous interesting details from the history. As human beings physiologically evolved, their culture with all the rituals and myth transformed dramatically. The social organization of the former communities is linked to the social challenges arising now, thus the importance of anthropological science shall not be underestimated. Students studying sociology for their future career will find that this study is extremely useful to handle the urgent tasks in most occupations.

The practical value of the two studies aims to satisfy the needs of different target audiences. Anthropology is of a particular interest to the scientists engaged in medicine, environmental research or ethic studies. On the other hand, the knowledge of sociology benefits for people working in economic, political or psychological occupations. The sociological field seems to cover more jobs than anthropological one does, and students prefer achieving a college degree in sociology due to the variety of opportunities they will face after the graduation.

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