Cultural adjustment essay sample

Moving to another country is always a shocking experience, no matter whether you are moving there temporarily or permanently. A few stages of cultural adjustment are singled out. To begin with, you are going to have some sort of euphoria as everything is so new and exciting. You will have lots of great experiences and every day will be an adventure.

The next stage is frustration. You are going to notice some negative aspects as well as realize that everything is probably not as bright as you have considered it to be. What is more, you might also encounter a few problems at this stage which will most likely be quite disappointing. The good news is that the process of complete adaptation and cultural adjustment is going to happen after that. Then, you will realize that it feels like home in this country and you will most definitely become a local. After that you are going to have a normal life with lots of errands to run but also with lots of fun as well.

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