Explaining self-injurious behaviors essay sample

The most important thing to understand when it comes to self -injury is that it is done in order to alleviate some emotional distress which the person is feeling at that moment. However, one should not forget that such behavior presupposes that the person is experiencing a lot of psychic pain. In addition, it is important to highlight the fact that it may lead to a suicide attempt when left unaddressed.

What is of major importance is to understand why people want to intentionally hurt themselves. A lot of people explain the desire to hurt themselves as a distraction from other emotional pain. Others are convinced that they no longer feel anything which is the reason why they need to hurt themselves in order to feel at least something. What is more, self – injury is also a way of communicating with others. The thing is that a person simply wants someone to pay more attention to them, to listen to their problems or to feel empathy. It is also a way of communicating one’s feelings as well.