Culture is essential, just like fresh air and food essay sample



Our social life is always shaped according to a certain cultural context we live in. Scholars admit that a cultural constituent differentiates lifestyle of a human from that of an animal. Indeed, people are social beings, and every social group has its own culture that reflects their worldviews. Whether a popular culture or a subculture, it is inherent to people irrespective of their economic and social well-being. In our daily chores, we do not notice many expressions of culture, but actually, it affects every side of our life.

Culture conveys knowledge and experience of generations. Various ethnic groups have different traditional crafts and occupations that were common yet for their ancestors. Specific crafts make all cultures unique and form a heritage of the nation.

Then culture defines moral values; it forms our perception of the world and social environment. We evaluate actions in phenomena as right or wrong according to the standards conveyed by culture. Customs and traditions are always culturally colored; they are essential to regulate human interaction in a particular environment. Besides, culture evaluates some options over the others and helps us to make a right choice. We cannot make a proper judgment of a social phenomenon analyzing it outside the cultural context.

And certainly, culture provides people with interests and needs other than basic physiological ones. Arts, sports, and intellectual activity help us to achieve self-fulfillment which is the highest stage in numerous hierarchies of human needs. As soon as all our physiological drives are satisfied, we usually need to proceed with spiritual and intellectual development.

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