What we think, we are essay sample


According to numerous sources, the phrase “we are what we think” is a Buddha’s quote. Not only philosophers but also psychologists and physicians of all times supported the relevance of this saying. Apparently, our way of thinking influences our outlook as well as physical health, though the last one is a great topic for speculation. Certainly, this philosophic thesis can be approached from different perspectives, nevertheless, the majority of people generally agree that the way of thinking and mood of a person impact their success in business and social interactions.

To illustrate how our way of thinking may have actual consequences, we shall define three target areas of influence. They are physical well-being, social interaction, and lifestyle. First of all, the link between thinking and physical health may seem far-fetched. This phenomenon has no exact scientific backing, but the state of mental health (which is inseparably bound to thinking) is definitely a basis for our physical well-being. Physicians commonly agree that the predisposition to depressive states does not boost our immune system at least.

Certainly, our thinking determines the attitudes of people we interact with. Evaluating our opinions, strangers make up their attitudes about who we are and whether we can be important for them. The way other people perceive us is somehow relevant to all people. Even if we pretend to be someone else in social interaction, our interlocutors easily feel fooled, which does not promote our reputation.

And we shall not forget, that the way of thinking directly determines how much positive and negative phenomena we can see in our everyday life. Same things can evoke a different reaction in people according to their desire to evaluate them as positive or negative ones.

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