Dating Violence Among Teens essay sample

Dating violence is a serious problem which can spoil all positive memories of one’s adolescence. Many youngsters, especially boys, are convinced that they dominate over their romantic partners. Domination is usually expressed through assault or threats. Violent people do not accept their partners disobey, and are ready to abuse them physically. Those who have not become victims yet may not even imagine how cruel their “sweethearts” can be in a fit of rage. Nevertheless, one in ten high school students at least once experienced violence from their romantic partners.

Dating violence is a broad term which includes physical, psychological, and sexual abuse. In relationships were psychological violence is present abuser wants to take control over their partner. Usually, men monitor calls and messages of their girlfriend to detect suspicious communication with other men or any suspicious people. A victim, in this case, has no right to make decisions about where to go and what to do. Cases of physical violence are too obvious: abusers beat their victims when they lose control over their own actions. Some of them act quite consciously with the intention to inflict pain, others have their mind blurred in a gush of anger and cannot explain why they did harm to their romantic partners. Both physical and psychological assault can be exacerbated with sexual violence. Staying in romantic relationships, people still can be raped by their partner.

Dating violence is associated with numerous health risks. In the first place, victims can be badly injured from the contact with their partner. Certainly, emotional distress from unlucky relations will last for years. Teenagers who experienced tough relations become withdrawn from their community and afraid to start new relationships.

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