Situations Leading to Cutting Yourself Disorder essay sample

Self-harm may reflect the agonies of adolescence, and such a behavior scares parents to death. It is not a normal manifestation of coping with difficulties; psychologists usually associate self-injuries with mental disorders and underline that children who cut themselves need a help.

Self-harm has no strict time limitation. This practice is more common to teenagers, however, young adults may use this method as well. The desire to cut oneself emerges due to several reasons. People frequently use physical pain to mute their emotional discomfort or pain acquired as a result of complicated relationships. Negative life experience such as rape or family violence can urge children to cut themselves. Recollecting their worst memories, people can find no strength to cope with the pain.

Teenagers may refer to self-cutting to express things which they cannot put in words. It is a weird reason for doing self-harm, nevertheless, people find it relevant. Not all of us are well-socialized, and someone never talks to parents or friends about their problems. Making emotional difficulties more visible, people make sure that their close ones aware of their emotional state.

When people do something inadmissible and deeply regret their action, cutting may come as a form of self-punishment. This is the case when individuals due to some reasons harm their loved ones. It may happen intentionally in a fit of rage or unintentionally. After some nasty incidents, victims feel guilty for their survival; cutting themselves, people try to restore a certain balance between themselves and those who passed away.

Apparently, the inclination to do harm and experience physical pain occurs to deeply depressed people who feel desperate. Such incidents can by no means be ignored by parents or caregivers of self-harmful teens.