Stress and Preterm Delivery essay sample


All people regularly experience stresses, and pregnant women do not make an exception. Rich or poor, business-women or unemployed ones, fears of approaching childbirth and parenting are common to all of them. Doctors warn them that excessive stress can harm a child to various extent. According to European studies, distressed mothers-to-be have higher rates of the preterm delivery.

Women who come through stress and depression during their pregnancy claim that their children show symptoms of anxiety and depression themselves. Preterm delivery may create a long-term effect upon kids which is usually associated with cognitive and emotional disorders. Poor socialization and lack of attention are frequently revealed in children born earlier than expected.

Nevertheless, researchers agree that these results could have been flawed by a number of other factors which do not correlate with the preterm delivery. Medication, birth complications, and nutrition certainly impact physical and mental health of kids. Researchers want to reveal factors which accelerate cognitive and emotional issues and whether the preterm delivery is responsible for these deviations.

Preterm birth and low weight of a child happen quite frequently today. More than 20 percent of women deliver babies before the due time, but this is not necessarily linked to stress during pregnancy. Women’s age and ethnicity play a great role as well as smoking and medication. Stress is somewhere in-between these factors, however, we do not know for sure how dangerous it is.

Expecting a baby, women come through numerous difficulties. Nasty mood, eating problems, lack of energy, difficulties at work make future mothers nervous. Sometimes even attempts to avoid stress may cause mood swings and anxiety.