Deception in commercial advertising essay sample

Even though deception in commercial advertising is a bad practice, lots of brands still continue to do it. The problem is that deceiving your customers might backfire and your reputation as a reliable brand will be destroyed.

One of the most common types of deception in commercial advertising is price deception. In such a way, a customer gets either misleading or incorrect price for the product. What is important to highlight in this respect is that the customer who cannot pay more than the originally shown price will simply leave the store. Thus, this way is not even effective, to say nothing of the fact that it is completely disrespectful.

Another tactic is called bait – and – switch. The idea is that the company offers a rather cheap and available product but does not plan to sell it. In such a way, the customer is led to believe that this particular product exists while in reality they will most likely be offered another one which will be slightly more expensive but almost identical to the desired one.