Nonverbal indicators of deception essay sample

To begin with, it is necessary to mention that lying is much more difficult than telling the truth as it actually takes a lot of mental effort to lie to someone. In addition, the person that is lying will look anxious and stressed.

People that are lying tend to make more speech errors as well as offer shorter responses to questions. Apart from that, they will also most likely fidget and blink more while telling a lie. Speaking about nonverbal indicators of deception, they include looking the person directly in the eye so that to convince them that they are telling the truth.

Furthermore, it is significant to pay more attention to microexpressions. Even though they are quite hard for a human eye to catch, microexpressions can definitely tell whether the person is lying or not. The thing is that microexpressions cross over the face of the person without their will and awareness which is the reason why the person cannot control them but they will actually provide one with a true understanding of what the person is really after.