How to obtain one’s credit report? essay sample

Well, it is important to explain what a credit report is, especially to those who have never dealt with this document. So, a free credit report contains information regarding your address, bills you pay as well as information in regards to whether you have been sued or filed for bankruptcy. The information in your credit report can be sold to employers, creditors, insurers and other businesses. They use it in order to evaluate your ability to get a loan, insurance or employment. You can request a free copy of your credit report every 12 months.

Getting one’s credit report is very easy. You can order it on the website, with the help of a toll-free phone number or a mailing address. It will not take you long to order your credit report. There are three nationwide credit reporting companies from which you can get yours. What is more, you are even allowed to order one report from each of the three companies every 12 months which might actually turn out to be really beneficial for you.