Defining the concept of culture essay sample


Even though we all understand what the word ‘culture’ means, it is quite difficult to define the whole concept. The term is very broad which is the reason why it is perhaps logical to view it in regards to a nation, for instance. What it means is that culture is knowledge of that particular group of people who constitute a nation. It can be defined by their language, cuisine, social habits, religion as well as music and arts.

Speaking about examples, you have definitely heard a lot about Western culture, Eastern culture, Latin culture, Middle Eastern culture, African culture and lots of others. The idea is that there is a group of people who share the same beliefs and they help create this culture century by century. That is the reason why there are so many different cultures in the world. Yet, what is great is that it actually makes our world a very diverse place. Thus, there are lots of fascinating things which we can discover as soon as we decide to visit some other place.

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