Digital revolution in advertising essay sample


The expansion of the internet provided broader opportunities for marketing. As more and more consumers began to internet resources and mobile phones, marketing specialists could not close their eyes to the digital medium. It helps to build a brand image and provide ads just everywhere. Advertisers may use various digital channels to reach their target audience. From websites to mobile phones, they provide different standards of advertising and placement options. The choice of the ad channel depends on the demographics of the target market as users of a different age and occupation rely on different digital resources.

Search advertising is one of the most popular digital channels. Paid search allows people to see advertising of these goods they look for above all other the results of the search. Each time some user clicks on the promoted link, advertisers pay for placing their links.

Display advertising is another popular channel that allows promoting products on websites. Banners of all possible shapes and sizes can be found everywhere on the internet.

Mobile advertising became more popular with the expansion of smartphones. These ads are specially designed for mobile devices and they run on the display of a smartphone or tab. Mobile ads can be placed in a web browser or within mobile applications.

Social advertising takes place on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. They are usually placed in the post feed to evoke the interest of the users.

Video advertising run within video content played on websites. There are in-stream, in-banner, and in-page video ads which make sure that viewers do not miss advertiser’s content.

Advertisers also may use multiple digital advertising channels. In the digital era when people use most of these channels, a comprehensive approach to the target users is crucial.

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